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Is your flat or low-slope building struggling with leaks? Or maybe your building’s roof has taken serious damage over time. There’s a cost-efficient way to extend the lifespan of your roof besides ongoing, expensive repairs: a coating restoration system. It’ll upgrade your roof to a new level of performance, but at less cost than a complete re-roofing.

A coating restoration system will help bring your roof to an upgraded level of functionality. After the coating system is applied, your roof will look and perform as if it were brand new!


Roof Coating Services

• Comprehensive roof inspections

• Leak detection

• Industrial roof coatings

• Commercial roof coatings

• Waterproofing

• Flat roof coatings

• Flat roof restoration

• Metal roof coatings

• Metal roof restoration

• Rubber roof coatings

• Single-ply roof restoration

• Elastomeric roof coatings

• Recoating services


Roof Repair Services

• Commercial roof repair

• Industrial roofing services

• Leak detection & repairs

• Professional roof inspections

• Localized roofing work

• Commercial roof maintenance

• Roof maintenance programs

• Flat roof repair

• Metal roof repair

• Single-ply roof repairs

• Spray foam roofing repair


As the years go by, a roof takes on small defects. If they’re left alone, those defects can turn into bigger issues. These troubles may do great damage to the roof’s surfacing layer, insulation, building materials, or even the facility itself.

Commercial Roof Repair Estimate

It’s advisable not to let a roof go without professional caretaking. Otherwise it may last for a fraction of its life expectancy. Repairs may become too costly to complete. Or the roof may have been so damaged, repairs aren’t viable any more.



New View Roofing knows commercial roof replacement. We have been installing low-slope (flat roofing) across the southeast for over 10 years. 

We understand the complexities of providing the absolute best in industry commercial roofing installations, while ensuring minimal to no impact on your daily operations. New View Roofing is your roofer of choice for commercial roof replacement services.


Roof Replacement Services

• Expert roof inspections

• Leak detection & re-roofing

• Industrial roofing services

• Commercial roof installation

• Commercial roof replacement

• Flat roof installation

• Flat roof replacement

• Metal roof installation

• Metal roof replacement

• Single-ply roofing systems

• Commercial roof restoration

• Waterproofing